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Rose Water Hydrating Facial Mist


Treat your face to a dewy blast of hydration using our delightful organic Rosewater Hydrating Mist. Perfect for toning clean skin, spritzing over makeup to set it, or simply keeping skin dewy and fresh throughout the day. Rosewater contains aromatic notes of delicate rose. The natural healing from rose petal rose water is an ancient natural beauty secret.

Rose Water Hydrating Mist from The D.Noble Collection is all natural, organic, made with distilled water and rose essential oil. Our rosewater is pure and contains no additives paraben free, and vegan friendly.


Made directly from rose flowers and distilled water which makes for a beautiful scented toner with essential health benefits. Rosewater is an essential floral water, also known as a hydrosol, which comes from organically steam-distilling the rose. Rosewater is a rich source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids making it super hydrating and refreshing for skin. Packed with vitamins like A,C, D, and B6. Rose water has been known to relieve redness, lower inflammation and help clear up breakouts. The rich source of antioxidants help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue for younger looking skin. Rose essential oil refreshes, hydrates, and calms the skin and senses, while restoring skin’s natural pH balance.

Perfect for morning hydration, midday glow, and night time routines. Rosewater spray will give your skin the cool, nutrient-dense refreshment that it needs while you’re on the go and need a refresh. Rosewater from The D.Noble collection will help clear away acne-causing bacteria and add moisture to dry, dull, and cracked skin. Good for any skin type. 


  • Skin toner
  • Face refresher
  • Make-up setter

Skin toner – Rose Water is an astringent and is filled with antibacterial properties, which is a great moisturizing toner for cleaning skin and balancing skin color. Also, rosewater will balance your face’s natural pH, giving you a clear, bright face. 
Face refresher- Perfect while you’re on-the-go when your skin needs a revitalizing boost of hydration. Use it to freshen up morning, noon, or night.
Make-up setter- Rose water is great for setting make-up. It hydrates your skin and keeps your makeup looking fresh. Mist over face and watch it instantly set your makeup.

Ingredients  + Breakdown

  • Organic Roses
  • Distilled Water
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Vitamin E 


Organic Roses -
Distilled Water - 
100% Pure Rose Essential Oil-
Vitamin E-


May be used anytime on the face and body for a hydrating boost, soothe the skin or calm the mind. Simply spritz directly onto your skin. You can also use as a toner with a cotton ball.

For best results to lengthen the freshness of the Rose Water store in refrigerator, or a cool, dry dark place to protect organics from oxidation. This extends shelf life as oils and Rosewater are light sensitive.

Caution: Keep out of children’s reach. For external use only. Do not drink.

Product Features 

  • 2oz glass jar
  • Made in USA
  • Mist top
  • N E T  W T: 2 oz / 58 ml
  • Shelf life 3-4 months


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