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100% Mulberry Silk Eye Mask


100% Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

100% Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

We know the proper way to get some "shut-eye".

Quality sleeping and better rest whether at home or traveling. Our luxurious 100% mulberry silk eye mask are made of the highest grade (6A) of silk with a thickness of 19 momme. Our eye mask not only blocks out the morning light to ensure sleep with no interruptions, but it also promotes anti-aging by reducing wrinkles around your eye area.

Both Dermatologists and beauty experts recommend pure mulberry silk. Silk allows your skin to breathe, and keeps your skin hydrated and refreshed. While wearing our 100% mulberry silk eye mask you will retain your skins natural oils, where other fabrics will take it away. 

Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase and some of the finest available in the world. The most durable & luxurious silk goods come from Mulberry silk. 

Get the royal rest you deserve.

Rest your crown. You're Noble, You're Royalty. -D.Noble