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Serene Discombobulation Art


Serene Discombobulation Art


Serene Discombobulation By D.Noble

Paintings from The D. Noble Collection is original and one-of-a-kind. No two paintings are alike. Whether you want a custom painting similar to an already existing painting from The D. Noble Collection (whether sold or available for purchase), have a specific design in mind, or you’d like some inspiration in conceptualizing one; it’s our pleasure to work with you to curate the perfect painting to fit your unique taste. In all cases, we are here to help you create a true, unique, one-of-a-kind design.

As with all custom projects, the cost of your item will vary, and production time can take 5-7 days. If you’re interested in a custom order please contact us for a quote at


About The Art. About The Artist.

Uneven strokes, intertwining colors, layers, and expressive tones represents the story D. Noble is trying to convey through her paintings. Her passion for art comes naturally. She loves manipulating textures with various mediums including watercolor and acrylic paints. Abstract art is her favorite because while creating she has no structure, no rules, no right or wrong. Her work comes from this magical enchanted happy place influenced mostly by life, love, and happiness. 

Art is one of her many gifts. She uses art to connect, calm, translate, and share. She feels art has the trans formative power to bring joy to both the maker and the receiver. She believes we're all meant to find joys in the complicated journey of everyday life and celebrate the entire journey every step of the way. The name Serene Discombobulation derives from that mentality. The name reflects what she feels life is, a Serene Discombobulation. Still having peace and finding your calm in the middle of the different storms that come in life.

So ...
Count stars
Run wild in the rain
Love hard
Hold on to dreams
Let go of regret
Take Risk
Cry until it feels good
Laugh until it hurts
Thank God
Enjoy the journey
Live your best dash
Find peace in your storm
A Serene Discombobulation