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About the Owner /CEO D. Noble 



Who is D. Noble? God’s child, a Noble Royal Heir.

With a title like that, she strives to live her life with purpose. Dana is a Southeast Michigan native, currently residing in Los Angeles.

Embodying creativity and unique design, Dana expresses her talents through her artistry; an artist in every way, shape, and form. She breathes the arts and lives to express her creative vision. This outlet brings her much joy and acts as a conduit for her spiritual expression in artistic form.

She believes when you spend time with yourself and God, you're able to love yourself on a deeper level. Dana’s love for “me time” and all things “home” birthed the D. Noble Collection; a Chic, Classic, Cozy Collection that includes home fashions, sleepwear and unique delicates. The D. Noble Collection has been carefully curated for Queens and Kings all over the world who prioritize refreshing their space and themselves. 

Dana’s mission is to spread God’s love and inspire, while encouraging others to take care of themselves, spend time with themselves, and fall in love with themselves.


About Our Collection


We believe that what you wear, coupled with the atmosphere you are in, directly impacts the way you feel. It is possible to exude "royalty" whilst lounging around and decompressing from your taxing day; feeling beautiful, confident, and of course, comfortable. 

Our style is a combination of modest chic and classic glamour, using charming textures and our signature, easy-going tones. Our luxury collection creates a peaceful atmosphere capturing the essence of living “noble,” and will give you inspiration to relax and enjoy staying in.

As a small business, It is our goal to make you and your home feel cozy and royal, providing products which are both timeless and practical. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality products at an affordable price point because here, we believe luxury isn't a price; it is an indulgence. Our personal approach is to provide a high-level customer experience which consistently exceeds expectations. It is essential that we are able to offer both, high-quality products and a great buying experience to our consumers. 

Thank you for visiting The D. Noble Collection. We thank you in advance for the love and support!

Rest Your Crown. You’re Noble, You’re Royalty. —D.Noble