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Acupressure Massage Slides


Acupressure Massage Slides  

Soothing Foot Rescue 

Acupressure Massage Slides from The D. Noble Collection will provide extra comfort and support to soothe your feet. After coming home from a long day or enjoying a relaxing day inside, give your feet the special therapeutic treatment they deserve! 

Slide your feet into luxury as they are soothed & rescued. The lightweight slides are designed to massage feet while being worn, to help alleviate discomfort in the sole and arch of the foot. 


The Acupressure Massage Slides stimulate nerve endings in the foot by applying pressure to points on the soles of feet. This special design supports the reduction of  aches, pain, tension, stress, and the improvement of blood circulation. 

As an added bonus, apply exfoliating foot scrub to your feet and wear the slides while showering. Slides are specially designed to dry quickly and made with durable nonslip soles and wide crossover straps, making them breathable and easy to slip on. 


* Improves Blood Circulation

* Helps Relaxation

* Promotes Better Sleep

* Acupressure + Reflexology Design 

* Exfoliates 

* Non-Slip 

* Fast Drying 

* Flexible 

* Easy To Clean 

* Suitable For All Ages


EU 36-37--Insole Length: 23.5-24.5 cm=9.25 inch-9.64 inch -- US Women 6.5-7

EU 38-39--Insole Length: 25-25.5 cm=9.84 inch-10.03 inch --US Women 7.5-8

EU 40-41--Insole Length: 26-26.5 cm=10.23 inch-10.43 inch-- US Women 8.5-9

EU 42-43--Insole Length: 27-27.5 cm=10.62 inch-10.83 inch-- US Women 9.5 - 10

EU 44-45--Insole Length:27.5-28.5 cm=10.83 inch-11.22 inc— US Women 10.5-11

Legal Disclaimer 

Acupressure Massage Slides by The D. Noble Collection is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any pain or health conditions. If you are experiencing discomfort, discontinue wearing and consult a physician. 


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