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Microfiber + Satin Spa Set


About Spa Set  

Microfiber + Satin Spa Set is the ideal “me time” accessory. The perfect mix between a towel and a bath robe. This luxurious wrap is great for lounging before or after the shower, bath, hot tub, sauna, gym or pool. Soft and gentle on skin made with soft absorbent microfiber, with adjustable velcro closure & elastic top for the perfect fit. This cozy wrap is paired with a fast drying microfiber + satin hair turban. You can stop wrapping your hair in heavy uncomfortable bath towels that damage your hair and fall off with any movement. Say hello to your healthy, stylish, and quick solution for hair drying and conditioning. This will easily become your new favorite duo. 


About Micro Fiber Towel Wrap:

Made with highly absorbent, soft, premium fast drying microfiber that feels great against the skin. Every towel is made with a wide elastic band and adjustable velcro closure sewn around the top of the wrap for the perfect fit around your chest. Also equipped with a deep large pocket.


About Satin + Microfiber Turban 

No more drying your hair by rubbing it in heavy towels that cause breakage, tangles, frizz & friction. This is a healthy, stylish, and quick solution for hair drying and conditioning. Keep your hair damage free and improve your overall hair health by drying and conditioning your hair with the Silky Satin + Microfiber Hair Turban. Perfectly constructed to quickly and gently dry hair. Carefully designed to fit comfortably and securely without falling off or being uncomfortable. 


About Microfiber Side 

Microfiber is fast absorbing so you can cut your drying time in half and keep hair healthy. After washing your hair place Silky Satin + Microfiber Hair Turban on head with satin side facing outward and gently squeeze hair inside to quickly soak excess water. This is how you get hair to a damp state without stripping away its natural oils. 


About Silky Satin Side 

After a couple mins of delicately drying hair on the microfiber side while hair is still damp you can now flip your Satin+ Microfiber Turban to complete your hair drying process on the satin side. The water absorbent microfiber layer still aids to dry hair fast while you’re avoiding extra friction and damage to your hair. You can let hair continue to dry as is, or you can apply a hair mask or conditioning treatment and allow hair to rest in silky satin while it treats your hair follicles. The satin helps eliminate frizz and lock in moisture. Great for all hair types including curls & waves which it helps preserve.


How To Directions 

• Tilt head down with hair in a downward position

• Place the Satin + Microfiber Hair Turban on head so the pearl button is on the nape

• While head is still tilted down gather hair and tuck inside the material in front pocket

• Twist turban in a spiral

• Take the twisted material and pull to the back of your head

• Secure the elastic hoop onto the pearl button on the nape

• Follow the same steps for either side


Features & Benefits 

 • Dual purpose

• Protects hair follicles

• Hands free for multitasking

• Reduces split ends, tangling, frizz & friction 

• Luxury comfort

• Lightweight 

• Quickly absorbs

• Great for all hair types and lengths

• Helps lock in moisture

• Supports Hair Growth 

• Easy to put on

• High quality material 

• High quality stitching

• OSFM / Can adjust to the size you prefer 

• Easy care




100% Microfiber 

80% polyester, 

20% Polyamide 


100% Microfiber 

80% polyester

20% rayon



Turban -  70x30cm

Towel- OSFM - 90x150cm



1 Microfiber Towel Wrap

1 Microfiber + Satin Hair Turban


Machine-washable in lukewarm water (30-35°C recommended ) on the delicate machine cycle with low spin. For drying tumble dry with low heat, or air dry. Do not use bleach. Do not use fabric softener as it reduces fabric absorbency. For machine washing use mild wash detergent.


Note: Recommended for after washing care, not recommended to use in replacement of silk hair scarf or turban while sleeping.


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