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Sleepwear + Loungewear


Sleepwear + Loungewear



In the pursuit of comfort, we get out of character and neglect dressing the part when it comes to sleepwear. Sleepwear tends to be the most undervalued part of one's wardrobe, although the average person spends over one-third of their life in bed.

We make sure we dress the part while out, but in the comfort of our own home we tend to let ourselves go. The way we dress affects the way we feel and what we wear affects how we feel about ourselves. This rule applies to sleepwear as well. While lounging around decompressing from your busy day, you should still exude royalty feeling beautiful, confident, comfortable, and collected. 

Sleepwear from The D. Noble Collection has been carefully curated for Queens globally who need their royal rest. We have taken the time to find the softest, smoothest, most calming materials for our sleepwear and loungewear collection. We designed them with style and sophistication. There’s something glamorous and calming about the idea of slipping into beautiful sleepwear for bed. We know lots of things keep you up at night, what you sleep in shouldn’t be one. 

The quality of your sleep directly affects your mental and physical health. No other activity delivers so many benefits with so little effort. The D. Noble Collection takes your rest seriously and is here to put your best sleep forward. It’s important to meet your sleep needs every night so you can wake up energized, ready to boldly step out and conquer the day. 

Start and end your day comfortable and confident in The D. Noble Collection. Your Chic, Classic, Cozy Collection.

Rest your crown. You’re Noble, You’re Royalty. - D. Noble